Using System Settings in New Portlets


We have been working in new administration portlets for our projects. An example is a portlet which enable administrators to modify configuration files (Property Files) and reload the new configuration in an Integration Server.

I would like to know how :

  • Use “Servers” from System Settings instead of using static environment configuration in “CAF Application Runtime Configuration”. Is this possible ? I see that in webMethods Portlets like Monitor → Process Instances this is not configured…

  • Add or use the server list (like in the Process Instances Portlet) in our portlets and can access several servers using the selected servers in a dynamic way…

Many Thanks,


The “Servers” from System Settings is available for wiring. So you can create your own portlet, give it a preference and configure the wiring source to be from the portlet: /portlet/wm_bam_ws_config with the source property: serverList

I’ve created a sample app (see attached) which does what i’ve described a publishes a default instance of itself to the Public Folders.

Please note, you’ll still have to parse the string returned from the “Servers” property (it is pipe delimited) and the Optimize Team reserves the right to change this format in future releases, although i’ve heard no plans to do so.

Here’s the xmlImport excerpt:

</CONFIG> (251 KB)