Using SubVersion VCS with webMethods Designer, Developer, IS

We are using Subversion at our site and want to integrate webMethods into our current subversion environment. In trying to follow the documentation, it seems that it may not be possible to use our kerberos sign-in with the subversion pieces used by webMethods.

If anyone has successfully done with with version 8.0.2 of webmethods, please let me know.

The subversion integration with 8.x is still very limited, especially about multi users and athentication. Afaik using the Subversion package with IS you must explicelty map every IS User to a Subversion user (even if they are identically named). So I do not see a possibility to use more advanced possibilities like kerberos (although I would really prefer to have those to).

If you (or anybody else) manage to find a better way, please post it here.

Hi Daryl,

Try using CrossVista TEAM ( with Subversion…pretty neat setup it is. TEAM will provide

  1. VCS
  2. Release Mgmt
  3. Config Mgmt

all in one nifty package…and its 100% compliant with SubVersion.