Using pub.ldap:bind

I need to use pub.ldap:bind to add an entry to an LDAP server, but the documentation on the ldapTargetAttributes parameter doesn’t provide any details about the document type that needs to be passed.

I’ve tried creating a document type that specifies all the attributes I need to bind and provided them with values, but I’m getting an LDAP error code 32: No such object.

This is a migration of existing code from Java to webMethods, so the attributes should all be defined by the LDAP server.

The other approach I was thinking might be needed is to define a document that has the attributes “Key” and “Value”, then set the attribute values as key-value pairs.

Has anyone worked with pub.ldap:bind that can help?

I’ve updated the code to use the 7.1 pub.client.ldap:add service instead of the deprecated pub.ldap:bind.

One of the WM consultants here noticed that the parameters for the pub.client.ldap services are arrays, and suggested binding the LDAP class names as a single entry using the array.