Using own java objects in EI

Hi ppl,

I have this java class that I would like to use inside one of the custom steps in Enterprise Integrator 4.6 for some processing purpose.

The integration component actually belongs to an Oracle adapter that is running on another box.

When i try to reference the java class, EI reports that it cannot find the class.

I believe it has to do with java class path issue.
Can anyone advise me on how I can resolve this?



If you go to Edit->Preferences in EI and select the Session Tab on the dialog there is a Classpath Supplement text box that allows you to augment the Classpath so it can find your external java classes.

An alternate way is to set the CLASSPATH environment variable with the proper archives or package paths before you launch EI and it will then resolve your external java references.


Thanks. I’ll try it out.

But this integration script will ultimately run in the intelligent adapter right? Shouldn’t it be in the classpath for the adapter as well?

Yes, you are correct. The Classpath supplement in EI is for script compile resolution. The “Add to classpath” in the adapter will allow for runtime resolution of your custom Java code. You need it in both places to develop and run.

Thanks for the tip…really appreciate it.