Using JDE Real Time Events RTE in webMethods

JDE OneWorld Adapter has a configured operation to listen to Real Time Events generated from JDE and use that as a trigger for an Integration. Here are the issues that i am facing:

  • If my adapter is down, I don’t get any notification for the events that are generated while it is down, even after the adapter comes up i.e. the delivery is not guaranteed
  • Once my adapter comes up again, it does however repeat all the events that the adapter has received n the past. This happens every time the adapter comes up i.e. it polls and retrieves all the events that it had retrieved in the past
  • The options in the adapter also include polling for an XML file containing the same Real time event (for testing purposes only). This poll takes place on a folder that webMethods has hard-coded somewhere in the adapter files. Its always <install>/log. I cannot change that location from any setting. Also, it does not archive the file anyplace, as a result it keeps on polling the file again and again and generates rthe same event / document again and again.

Any answers / hints / suggestions for solving the above problems will be greatly appreciated

Kaushik, can you please provide more information about your component versions and hw/sw infrastructure ? What is your JDE OneWorld Adapter version ??? What is your OneWorld version ?? What about webMethods component versions ? (IS, ES, etc…) Are you using any of the XBP’s with your adapter ?

We plan on trying the JDE OneWorld v4.7 adapter with EnterpriseOne version 8.9. Your feedback can help us too.



Here are the details:

JDE OneWorld XE (B7333) on Update 7, using Service Pack 22

webMethods Enterprise Server 6.0.1 using JDE OneWorld Adapter 4.7

We are not using any XBPs