Using HTML tags in description formly input field


I would like to use HTML tags in a description formly input field.
When I use the following code:

The description field is displayed as follows:

The sample can be found here (mapping-stepper.component.ts).

I use: @c8y/ngx-components": "1017.0.233"

How can I achieve this?

Regards Christof

Hi Christof,

Currently c8y-form-field wrapper doesn’t support rendering dynamic HTML. One way to achieve what you need is to create your own wrapper and use ngx-bootstrap popover component to render dynamic HTML from your form configuration. An example can be found here. How to create your Formly custom wrapper is explained in this article.

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Hi @Bozhidar.Dedov, thank you very much.
The documentation & sample were very helpful, then it was straightforward.

Regards Christof

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Hi Christof,
as the mentioned links are likely going to break somewhen, it would be cool if you could provide a “little snippet” of how you solved that issue, if feasible. Or if it’s too much code, at least point to the lines of code in your public mqtt mapper repository.



Hendrik Naether

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