Using custom context variable in routing endpoint

I have a Virtual REST Service that calls an IS service in the Request Processing step, which creates a custom context variable using the declarContextVariable and setContextVariable services. I want to use the value of this custom context variable as the endpoint in the Routing Protocols step. I have Routing Type set to Straight Through, and I set the endpoint as $mx:CUSTOM_ENDPOINTURL to access the custom context variable that was created in request processing. I am getting the following error, Mediator outbound client encountered error:Transport out has not been set.

The context variable seems to be getting set properly because I can access it by calling the getContextVariable service. Am I using improper syntax in the endpoint reference or is there something else?


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Hi i have table and the fields are stuFirstName,stuLastName,Id. i nedd to update table with where condition. tell me the where condtion to do…

Use update adapter service template of JDBC.