Using Cursoring

o If you use cursors (in other words you cannot retrieve all data in one call), the old cursoring (that?s the one used by HTTP Client API for Java and the other HTTP Client APIs) is substantially slower compared to the new one (used by Tamino API for Java and any other new API).

o I should mention here that it is possible to use the new cursoring by setting a property (“UseRealCursoring”) in the JScript API and in the ActiveX API.

o When using cursoring, find a good comprise for the cursor size. A small cursor size will require a lot of requests to be sent to Tamino and therefore slows down the processing. A large cursor size will lock a lot of memory on the client. Typically there is a certain size that you can find in practical tests, where an increase in cursor size does not speed up the whole process any more. Make practical tests, since changing the cursor size can make a big difference if you walk through a long result set.

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