Using cron to stop and start adapters?

Hello all,

Is it possible to enable a schedule to stop and start the adapters based on resource availablity? IE. maintenance windows or outside support hours.

The method we have tried so far is the command line tool adapter_restart. We can sucessfully stop and start adapters with the tool. However, when those commands are placed into script files and scheduled to run - the adapter does not respond. The error returned is: “Adapter process ******* on broker @* not found in configuration!” (Asterisks added for protection).

Please note: This script file does work when run interactively. It is only when we do this is cron do we get this error. Why is this error happening and how can it be fixed?

Thank you
-Michael E. Engelby
Gelco Information Network.

perhaps it doesn’t have permission to read adapters.cfg