Using CDATA Section in XQuery

I am trying to perform insert operation on node level.
Query expression is as follows.

update insert

into input()/Employee[Id=“gurayou”]

When doing insert operation through Interactive Interface’s XQuery, I received the following message.

<ino:message ino:returnvalue=“6251”>
<ino:messagetext ino:code=“INOXYE6251”>unknown error</ino:messagetext>

Can’t we use CDATA Section in XQuery?
Will you explain the reason to me? Thank you for your help.

When you ask questions about XQuery, you need to make it clear whether you are asking about the W3C specification, the QuiP implementation, or the Tamino 4.1 implementation.

I get the impression that CDATA sections are not implemented in QuiP. They were very poorly specified in the W3C drafts until the most recent November version. In your example you don’t need a CDATA section because

can be rewritten as:


This has exactly the same effect. CDATA sections are only needed if your text contains special characters such as “<” and “&” (ampersand).

Michael Kay

Thanks, Michael.
Written query expression is as an example.
Surely, I know that CDATA Section is needed when text contains special characters such as “<”.
Exact query expression is as follow.

update insert

into input()/Employee[Id=“gurayou”]

Can’t I use CDATA Section in W3C XQuery and Tamino XQuery4?
Thank you for your help.

In QuiP I think you will have to use the alternative escaping mechanism, which is to write < as <

CDATA sections are defined in the XQuery WD, I’m afraid I don’t know whether they are implemented in Tamino 4.1 - I don’t have the information to hand.

Michael Kay