Using broker server 10.5 with the new Jakarta JMS classses

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broker server 10.5

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is it possible (and if yes, how) to use broker server 10.5 as a JMS provider with the new jakarta classes? In Java 17, all javax.* classes have been renamed to jakarta.*.

We are migrating the application to Java 17. And face the problem that SpringBoot uses jakarta classes whereas broker server with its client side library uses the old javax classes.

Any hints on this are very welcome.

Thank you.

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you should consider upgrading to wM 10.15 or 11.x then.


Migrating to Java 17 with its adoption of the new jakarta.* classes from javax.* can present challenges, especially when integrating with older systems like a broker server using the deprecated JMS library. To address this, explore the possibility of updating the JMS library to a version compatible with jakarta.*, or investigate the availability of compatibility bridges or adapters that can facilitate the transition. Additionally, consulting the documentation of the specific broker server for guidance on Jakarta EE migration and seeking insights from the associated community forums may provide valuable solutions to ensure seamless compatibility between your SpringBoot application and the broker server in the new Java environment.

webMethods Broker does not support Jakarta Messaging 3.0. So, you won’t find jakarta.jms.* implementation in Broker 10.5 or 10.15. As of today, it is not planned in next release (Broker 11, most likely) either.

You can approach Software AG and ask for future roadmap, or other solution for the problem.

Edit: Scofeild’s suggestion of compatibility bridge or adapter is an option that can be explored.