Using Adabas with Natural/Cobol


If I have to design a system consisting of Adabas, DB2, Cobol and Natural. Can you please suggest me how should I decide databas and application language cosidering best performance of the system.

As I believe I can do everything Batch and Online with Natural/Adabas then for what kind of application I should use below combinations -

  1. Cobol with DB2
  2. Cobol with Adabas
  3. Natural with DB2
  4. Natural with Adabas
  5. Natural with Adabas and DB2
  6. Cobol with Adabas and DB2

Use Natural as your first choice for all programming tasks, regardless of the database you are accessing.

In some specialized cases, there may be performance advantages in using COBOL (particularly if you do not have Natural Optimizing Compiler option) - these would be tasks with less database access work (which will be roughly the same regardless of the calling program tool) and more string/arithmetic/data manipulation. But it usually has to be a lot of stuff you are doing before it will really impact your overall run times.

Develop first in Natural, see how the performance is. It is easier to develop and maintain in Natural, which can offset a lot of minor performance differences.