Using a web service with Document List as input parameter in CAF

Hi everyone,

I have a flow service which includes document list as input. I need to use that in CAF portlet application project, but when I call that flow service by converting it to WSD and generating a CAF code, I’m not getting how to call that generated bean class into CAF portlet and use it.

Can any one let me know how to use a web service having a document list as a input parameters in CAF portlet and how to add values in to that list?

With example is more appreciated.

Shashi BS

HI Shashi,

Are you getting any specific error message while calling the service?

Just to confirm the step you need to follow as below.

  1. Create a WSD of the service you are planning to use.
  2. Click on File → New → Web Service Connector (you can do this by right click on the project as well)
  3. You will be prompted with a wizard, select the project and fill in the necessary details
  4. You will find the added connector under managed bean of your project.
  5. Expand the generated connector, fill in the endpoint address
  6. Fill the input document details of the connector.
  7. use .refresh() method of the connector you added in CAF code to make call to the service.