Userid/Password authentication in SOAP Header

Hello All,

We have created a WSD provider and the WSDL given to SOAP client.
But our SOAP client wants to pass Userid/Password in SOAP header instead of HTTP header.
Can anyone please suggest how to implement this in so that SOAP client will pass userid & password in SOAP header to authenticate?
Any input will be appreciated.


Did you have a look at WmSoapSamples package from SAG?
There are number of services to manipulate soap header and body.

Especially have a look at WmPublic/pub.soap.utils:getHeader

To my opinion the WmSoapSamples is no good/outdated. It uses Java for everything, while there are api’s now for a lot of soap-things.
SAG has another package, WmServiceUserHandler which is better, but I had some discussion with R&D about making it even better :wink:
So try to get your hands on WmServiceUserHandler.

Furthermore, what are you doing with username/password what the default ws-security-handler can’t do? Do you really need to build your own handler? Because the ws-security-handler through its policy-files can cope with both http-header and soap-header.

Hi Joydeep,

You issue got resolved?

I am also facing the same issue, please help me if your issue got resolved