Hi all,

    I tried working with RoleBasedAccessControl and it worked fine.Now, i want to access fields based on the users in the role. eg: user 1 in role1 can access few fields and user2 in role1 sholud not have the  access to the fields which are accessable by user1. I dont know whether there is anyway to achieve this kind of userbasedaccesscontrol.Pls help me in this.


You’re implementing Role Based Access Control (RBAC) by using the rendered or disabled property, correct? So the field is enabled/rendered if the current user is in a specific role.

Role management is fairly easy and getting the information about whether the current user is in role is easy as well.

However, providing User Based Access Control will require a lot more effort. How will you manage which users have access to which fields? You can still implement your logic to determine whether a field should be enabled/rendered based on your own java function, but managing that information will be something you have to implement.