User Level in Partner Server?


Can someone let me know what is the meaning of User Level in Partner Server? This term is something related to Software Licences agreement for webMethods Integration Server. I am just looking for the definition of the term: User Level,

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Partner Server you mean TN??

I think Lalit is referring to the Partner License Key - for the restricted use IS’s configured in a trading hub.

I have never heard of a User Level, Lalit. Perhaps it is referring to a number of simultaneous connections from that partner server?

I would need to know the context within which you heard it/read it to comment further.

Truly speaking I don’t what what this Partner Server means. We are using webMethods Integration Server 6.5 and in our License agreement, we have something like this:

Software User, Level, No. of CPUs, Quantity
webMethods Integration Server
- Developer Licenses, N/A, N/A, 10
- Development CPUs, Unlimited, 2, 1
- Test CPUs, Unlimited, 2, 1
- Production CPUs, Unlimited, 2, 1
- Partner Server for development/testing, 4, N/A, 1
- Partner Servers for deployment to partners, 2, N/A, 2

And we need to know what the “User Level” is that is associated with “Partner Server” in the table above extracted from our webMethods agreement.

Hope this helps.

Call your salesperson.

I would assume it means 2 concurrent connections each from 2 partner servers, but your salesperson can clear it up ASAP.

If you don’t know who it is, ring up support, tell them who you work for, and they can hook you up.

Thanks, I am already checking with them. I’ll just try to fetch the information from them fast.

Thanks all for your help!!!

Hi All,

Finally i got hold of the sales person and he provided me teh following information:

When this term license was created, webMethods offered partner server with limited user licenses. In this case, for the development and test environment, Partner server allowed for 4 developers and one server license. For the production environment, it offered 2 users each for two partners to be connected with ATT through partner server.
However, now, they only offer our licenses by the CPU, or Core only. So moving forward, users will be unlimited.