User Bundles

Dear Apama community,

In the “Add Bundle” dialog I see a section “User bundles”. Is there some documentation available about creating bundles?

I have some common code that I would like to share across different Apama project via bundles. This would be much more maintainable than copying the common events and monitors from project to project and I only need to update the bundle once instead of the common code in each project.

Regards, Sebastian Stammler

Bundle files are just XML files that refer to the files that you want to include in that bundle.

If you go to APAMA_HOME\catalogs\bundles, you will see the standard bundle files that are provided by Apama. When I had to create a bundle, I just copied one of these and edited it for my purposes.

Hope that helps.

Hi Tan,

Yeah, I also looked at those bnd bundle files. But I thought that if there is the option for User Bundles then there would be a more convenient way to create a user bundle other than hacking your own xml configuration file.
This is inconvenient, slow and error-prone. There should be a way to e.g. convert an Apama project into a bundle file. Or a wizard where you could select a few monitors, events and event definitions and then bundle them into an Apama bundle, also specifying dependencies on other bundles (see e.g. MemoryStore.bnd).

Anyway, thanks for your reply, I am glad to see that I am not the only one how thinks about actually using user bundles :wink:

Regards, Sebastian