User API


We need to be alerted in real time when a user is being added/updated/deleted as we need to know his role/inventory roles assigned to him.

I m looking at the real time notification and it does not seem we can subscribe to the User API correct?

What would be the best way to be alerted when a change occurs to a user then please? I dont want to do a polling every X min as this is not a proper real time mechanism.

I dont know if it s possible to extend the Administration app and “bypass” the Save user button so it calls a custom microservice endpoint for example.


Isn’t this something that can be solved via the new Notification 2.0 and Auditing?

Changes in users will appear in the Audit log:

So if the subscription within the Notification 2.0 works for audits that should do the trick I guess.

Ok just double checked and got the hint from @Korbinian_Butz that Audit is not in the subscription list. So forget what I said…

Either the User API nor the Audit Log API is part of the Notification API.
So currently you can only poll for user changes.

I would suggest to create a feature request to add them to the Notification API:

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