Use of the 100 (Continue) Status of http 1.1

I would like to know if Integration Server supports the use of the 100 (Continue) Status of http 1.1 ?

We are developping an .NET application that invokes Integration Server Web Services. By default .NET uses expect100Continue = true. We experimented a increase in performance when we changed to expect100Continue = false.

In Internet I only see suggestions to change this property to false.

But can anyone tell me why does Integration Server does not send the http 100 as stated in [URL=“”][/URL] for http 1.1 ?


João Caseiro

I also have the same problem!

I don’t understand, why webMethods does not support HTTP 1.1! The standard is from 1999! If you send a HTTP 1.1 request the IntegrationServer responds with “HTTP/1.0” ?!!

Does anyone have more information on this subject?

João and Paulo,

maybe you can use pub.flow:setResponseCode to set the repsonse code in webMethods(version >6.5), just to imitate http 1.1. Did you try that?