Use <current schema>.<current catalog>


This one is baking my noodle for some time now. Currently we are in a mixed environment of webMethods 6.5 and webMethods 8.0. JDBC Adapter on both is 6.5. They both make JDBC connections to JDEdwards World (on i5/OS V5R4) and JDEdwards EnterpriseOne (on i5/OS V6R1).
The JDBC drivers in use on the wM8 are the latest ones from JTOpen (v7.1) and when checking the classpath of the IS the jt400.jar is loaded from the \SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\lib\jars\ folder.

On both IS environments we have the same behaviour: for JDEdwards World (V5R4) when setting up an adapter service the . works fine and allows us to select the correct table, independently from the environment (DV, TST, PROD). When promoting new code from one environment to the other, no extra action are required.
When connecting to the EnterpriseOne partitions (V6R1), the . remains empty upon creation of an adapter service. We have a workaround though but it is quite dirty: after the adapter is created we save and close it and we then unleash another service on it that makes some changes in the node.ndf of the adapter service. This works fine until you open the adapter service (even without saving).

This is not a very pleasant way of working because another side effect is that most of the time you do not see the input and output variables of the adapter service in the pipeline. Therefore you have to open it again and point to the .actual_lib.filename.

Once in PROD and without doing any changes to the code, the adapter and connections are running as it should, without any problems.

And now the 1 million dollar question: how do we get the JDBC adapter to cooperate with V6R1? I have been through tons of documentation, forums, … but no-one seems to have this problem or it would like 5 years ago. SAG support, while extremely helpfull at times, is passing on this one as the JDBC drivers themselves are not their responsibility, which makes sense.

Feel free to shoot any question that comes into your mind. For completeness I provide you the JDBC connection involved. The cliSchema property was my latest test, without any result.



I raised the error again at Software AG and the problem I experience is nothing more than expected:

There is an important point on the problem you are reporting here. This problem is only happening using webMethods JDBC Adapter connecting to i5/OS V6R1 platform.
This platform is not supported by the webMethods JDBC Adapter. Please check the attached “webMethods Adapters System Requirements” guide.

As you said, using JDBC adapters for i5/OS V5R4, which is a supported and certified platform, everything works as expected.
We cannot provide support for the product on a non supported platform.

If using i5/OS V6R1 is a must for you, please get in contact with your sales representative to move this topic with our Product Management team.

As I said above, we cannot provide support for the product on a non supported platform. Please, let me know we can proceed now to close this Support Incident for you.