Use a configration file like ".properties"


Please sincerely provide with easy solutions or ideas for the following requirement.

  1. I create the flow service A in Package A which reads a csv file in local Linux.
  2. To locate the csv file, I would like to use a customized configuration file. (*.xml, *.properties, etc.)
  3. The configuration file should be loaded when IS start or Package A is reloaded.

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Can’t we have File Polling for your requirement ?



for point 3 this can be handled by a StartupService which will be executed every time when the package is loaded.

You will have to write a service which reads in the configuraiton file from filesystem (point 2) and then define this service as a StartupService for this package (righ click on the package and then choose “Properties”).

For reading in and parsing the csv file please have a look at the FlatFile feature.

I am not sure if file polling will help here as it is using fixed directory name in the port configuration.
Depends on which part of the file location Shogo wants to customize.


Yogesh-san, Holger-san,

Thanks for the advice very much.
I will try to create some solutions according to your advices.

When I have any question, please sincerely let me ask.

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