usage of :throwExceptionForRetry?

usage of :throwExceptionForRetry

webMethods Developer’s User Guide

Shall we use the throwExceptionForRetry in normal flow service without any trigger ?
Also how will I wrap it with IS runtime exceptions ?

No. Only in services that are started by receiving a document from Broker.

You don’t wrap throwExceptionForRetry. You catch thrown exceptions and determine if the error is considered “transient” (temporary). If so, then call throwExceptionForRetry.

Hi Reamon,

Thanks for the response .
But I tried a POC to retry a top level service with out any trigger and i am able to do it .
Is this not the correct approach ?
Also what happens if server shuts down in between retry ?
How to make sure that the service is not stuck and the response as success/failure is processed in the above case ?

Mea culpa. There is no restriction on calling that service only in the case when the service is started via a Broker document.

I do not know what happens when IS is restarted between retries.

My service is not started by Broker doc,instead it is called by external systems via webservice call