Usage of PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS JMS connection alias in 8.0


While going through the Process Engine documentation for 8.0, I found the following descriptions for usage of PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS JMS connection alias:

  1. “You are running the Process Engine in a multi-Integration Server environment (that is, either in a cluster or using distributed models).”
  2. And also: “The JMS connection alias is required because the Process Engine uses this JMS alias to broadcast internal events between the Process Engine nodes.”

So, does this mean that in case of Statement 1 being valid, the JMS connection is used to pass the process transition document between IS nodes (when having IS-cluster and/or distributed process configuration), and not through Broker.

That means internal communication is done using JMS. Then Process Engine uses whatever is configured in the PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS.

PE_NONTRANSACTIONAL_ALIAS by default is configured to use Broker:

So I don’t get your question :smiley: