Usage of clearpipeline. Does it deteriorate performance

We had a webM professional services consultant on site some time back. He was of the opinion that using clearPipeline in a service slows it down.

I have never been a big clearPipeline user myself, I prefer to drop the pipeline variables explicitly through a map step at the end of the services. My developers though, have had this habit and I never stopped them from doing it as it seemed cleaner and innocuous as well.

The consultant’s take on clearPipeline’s usage surprised me though, as I had never seen any references to this aspect in any of the forums. I have no easy means of measuring the performance of my services’ suite with/without clearPipeline as there are too many services right now.

If anyone has insight into this topic, feedback would be highly appreciated.

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I would agree with the consultant. How this works is that each time you call the clearPipleine “SERVICE” it invokes a physical service from the IS. Now a clear pipeline internally is like a service that initiated CG but a little faster. So the issue here is each time some one calls a clearPipeline a lighter verison of GC kicks in and as your are aware GC means that the server becomes idle…multiple invocations of a clearpipeline service can cause this overhead to the is degrading performance. Hope this clears…