Urgent: Schema question for a flat file parsing.

Hello all:
Trying to get some direction on this:

I am having a problem creating schema for the following TICKET_RECORD flat file:

Travelwithm Vacations 082520042004000242
Travelwitnm Vacations 082520042004000418248
Travelwithm Vtions

I have declared the schema as below but when i get a starting value of the repeating fields as T or H its gives me incorrect values, the segment id Trailer (T) mixes the recordWithNoID values (for ex: “Travel Vacationw” in the above flat file) when they start with T, is there way in the schema i can mark this as a unique Trailer record. same applie for Header (H) whenever there is a recordWithNoID value starting with H. There is always a space floowing after H and T identifier and i tried to use that like this:

( added a space in front of T)
( space in from of H)
This works and even if there are values in the repeating (recordWithNoID) field it is able to differentiate this based on the space for H and T record. But then after passing thru converToValues (ouput) the H and T record is followed by a space, and i am unable to branch on say: TICKET_RECORD/H. as the H record is now has a space.

I need help on this to go forward with development, or maybe some alternative way to get these values in a record.
Appreciat all the input. Thanks so much!



H T recordWithNoID,