URGENT Pub-Sub Model Issue

Hello RMG/All,

Need Urgent Help in pub-sub topics

i have one publish service which is sending bulk of documentlists so to handle this bulk of documentlists i have following code in production system

Pub Service
1 documentlist
2 loop on doc list
3 do mapping to one doc
4 pub.publish

Sub Service

Sub trigger with following properties
   processing mode serial
    capacity 10
    refill level 5 
    Ack queue size 1

when i check in broker level trigger client queue is increasing day by day and service is getting hung.
Can you please suggest me solution on this topics.
1 Shall i need to change Sub trigger processing mode to “concurrent” as well as capacity 20/refill level 10 and Ack level size 2
IS this gona going to reslove this issue ?


What are the different “Transient error handling” properties of your trigger ?

You may have a “Retry Until” to “Succesfull” and your processing services always fails and processes the same document again and again.

Or “suspend on error” to true


There are two issues:

  1. trigger client queue is increasing - if processing sequence of the document is not important (documents can be processed in any order), you should change trigger processing mode to concurrent. It will help in processing documents at faster rate.
  2. service is getting hung - There could be resource/pipeline related issues which leading to service getting hung and should be investigated. If this issue is not resolved, even making trigger processing mode to concurrent will have those many threads going into hung.


I suspect that this has nothing to do with the trigger configuration. It is likely that the problem is in the trigger service–it is hanging or crashing. Debug that first.

This isn’t 8.0 or 8.2 is it? There was a bug whereby triggers ended up disabled. There’s a SAG fix for it available… Should be able to work out whether it is the cause as the trigger will be disabled.