URGENT: Problem in calling existing Custom Portlet in Task Engine

The Situation is:

1.We are trying to create a custom User Interface using webMethods Portlets “which can be accessible to outside world” (just like Internet)

2.After creating the Portlet, we need to fetch data from Database which can be done using Database Queries
a.But challenging part here is, we want this functionality to be in a BP so that at high level it can show-case to Business User in BPM level
b.Having said that, we are planning to invoke Flow Service from Portlet to pick data from Database. We need help, how to invoke a Flow Service from a Portlet and get response back is a challenge OR is it possible to keep the Portlet invoking Database in a BP?

3.After retrieving data from Database (either directly or thru Flow Service), User will enters / or modify data in UI screen (created using Portlet, Point no.1) and submit for Workflow Process (in-turn is a BP)

4.Workflow Manager will acknowledge the task

5.When Workflow Manager wants to view the data, we have to show-case the same Portlet / UI Screen which was submitted by User (in point no.3) in Task Engine
a. We are facing challenge how to do this activity and if it is possible what are the steps to be taken care to retrieve same data which was submitted by User (we can place the custom Portlet in Task engine during design time, but stuck how to map same data submitted by user)

6.After viewing the data, Workflow Manager will approve or reject the data submitted by User

I request to provide clarifications for
Point no.1 for data with “”;
Point no. 2 a AND b
Point no. 5 a (which is high priority)

I request for assistance on these grounds as we have very short timeframe to complete this activity so please provide your response at the earliest.