Upload Process on webMethod server

I have a process saved on my local machine and now want to upload it on our server. How can I do that?
Furthermore, is there a view with which I can see processes saved on the server and therefore make sure the upload worked?
This is for an university project, so help is appreciated! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Can be found in
BPM_Process_Development_Help (Building and Uploading Processes) and
Monitor_Users_Guide (Working with Process Models)

Iā€™m sorry but I can neither locate those files on my virtual machine nor on the techCommunity Website. Where are they stored?

On the Techcommunity, if you select webMethods, there is a big blue box with the sections on the rights side of the page. 4th ist Documentation.

Hi Steffen,

you will either need Empower Access (https://empower.softwareag.com/) or you can try if the following link works for you:

If the link does not work you can request access to it from the community administration.



1.Take the .process file from local machine and paste into server file system
2.improt the .process file into designer
3.upload and build the process from process development.

and also make sure to deploy packages which are dependent on process

Hi Steffen,

for viewing uploaded processes you will need a MWS installation with Monitor UI available.

Remember to configure the WmMonitor package in IS accordingly.