upgrading to 6.5 - New Instance VS Fresh Install

We are in the process of upgrade (IS, Broker, Modeler, TN, adapters (JDBC, PeopleSOft)) from 6.0.1 to 6.5.

Hence, we are evaluating (+/-) 's of installing on the same physical machine running 6.0.1 version with new 6.5 instance verses installing on different machine with only the new 6.5 version.

Any level of ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated and also reference to webMethods document is welcome…


If you are on a Unix platform this is very straightforward. Installing a new instance on the same machine is fine. A couple of things you will need to do first is 1) upgrade the awbrokermon to 6.5 (not the actual 6.0.1 broker), it will then be able to run both the 6.0.2 and 6.5 brokers. The second is ports. Can’t have two instances using the same set of ports.

We have done this numerous times over the past year as we are upgrading instances and have not run into any issues. Can’t speak for Windows :eek: though, maybe one of the Windows folks can jump in.