Upgrade WM 8.2 to 9.6

Hi ,

We are doing an upgrade WM 8.2 to 9.6

the 9.6 have a command central but the 8.2 doesn’t

I am wondering if we can use the Upgrading Documents or the installer one

And if we can use the command central for the upgrade it self

Thks for your help

follow the documentation:

there is section on 8.2 upgrading

using command central for product operations, not for upgrading

Thanks a lot for your replay.

I have another question if i may ,Is central command can monitor /see multiple environments if they are installed on different servers ?

Yes you can monitor multiple environments on different servers using command central.But you need to have platform manager installed in the SAG install location on those servers.

chama ramzi
platform manager and command central

We did some test with those and we where not convinced of the extra value in 9.5.
I don’t know how much the usability has been increased on 9.6 but keep in mind that its
relative new component and software ag is still developing it and releasing a new version every new big release. (adding new components, possibility, etc)

We also noticed that platform manager has quite some impact on the performance of the IS.
Its probably not a big problem when you got enough resources, but i would recommend to test it.

Thank you verry much , i ll keep it in mind