Upgrade WebMethods from version 9.5.x to 9.9.x (when available)


We are planning to upgrade our environment 9.5.x to 9.9.x when this version comes available.
Is there a best practice document which describes how we can achieve this.

Because we are using different kinds of components I was wondering if there is document what helps to plan and to guide the upgrade of the products.

I already found the one slide

what is quite short. Although it gives a rough idea what has to be done.

Any idea’s are welcome


Hi Dirk,

please wait until 9.9 has become available (should be within this or next month).

There will be an Upgrade Guide provided which contain the neccessary information.
Ther will be an updated version of the Supported_Upgrade_Paths_for_webMethods_and_IBO_Products.pdf hopefully.

Additionally you can ask SAG Consulting for assistance.