upgrade to WM 7.X Clustering

IS 7.1 now requires the use of a database for the configuration of IS clustering. But most of the IS in 6.x are clustered using faltfile storage repositories. When u upgrade from 6.x to 7.x is there any upgrade utility provided by WebMethods to migrate the data from falt files into database?
Any additional info on this topic is greatly appriciated.


Hi Sun,
The Integration Server 6.5 Repository Server has been replaced
by a set of database tables collectively called IS Internal in 7.x. If want to use and install embedded IS Internal, you will only be able to
migrate client certificate and scheduler data from
Repository Server of 6.5; all other data will be lost.
While installing 7.x If you choose an external RDBMS to host the IS Internal database component, you will be able to migrate all data; point the database
connection at the 6.5 IS Core Audit Log database component.


Is ISinternal Database componenet is file based. In clustered environment do we need to configure this database component to point to central location or it is local to each server.


ISInternal is database. You can either use WebMethods provided DB or u can use ur own DB like Oracle.

Could u tell me atleast 5 differences between wM6.1 and wM6.5.