Upgrade strategy from release 7.1.2

Hi ,

We currently use a 7.1.2 release which is really stable up to now. Apart from functional cases we never encounter technical troubles.

We want to upgrade to 8.2 but due to a huge workload this upgrade project is hard to run.

So I wonder what the best idea is between these 2 options :
1- upgrading to 8.2 for a little more than one 1 before the EOM.
2- waiting until 2014 and launching an upgrade project to release 9.

Thanks for your advices whenever .

It is always suggested to upgrade to latest version available because you will long term support from SAG and you can avail new features with latest version

I think webMethods 9 realse is already available in market.No sure just check with other members of forum also


Thanks for your quick answer.

I agree with you for the long term support. The only concern I have is about the fact that we will not be able to achieve this upgrade until end of 2013 because of the huge workload . So we will have to run with a 7.1.2 for maybe 4 months in 2014 with an outdated release 7.1.2.
Nevertheless I am not reallt afraid about it as it is really stable.

More over it would be the good moment to change the OS as the internal strategy is to leave UNIX for Windows servers. It would be a great project indeed…

As you told your env is already stable and no technical issue, based on your situation i would suggest

Way 1:

Don’t go with any new deloyments or changes in current prod env and it may take your production smoothly until your upgrade is ready, but it’s really tough time with out support from SAG

Way 2:

Use SAG professional service to make your easier/ you have lot option in market that can do your upgrade is very low cost.

Note: please take other advice also