Upgarde vs Side by side


Currently we are using 7.1.2 and we are planning to migrate to 8.x here i have few queries:confused:

  • Which is the best option upgrade or Side by Side
  • What are the advantages and disavantages in both approches
  • Any known issues while migrating, please let me know
  • What are the Hardware requirments like Hard disk and RAM

Thanks in advance for your help!


You should review the these following docs for more info for 8.2 SP2 to start with and I believe either way side by side or fresh install depends on how fast your upgrade/migration deadline/feasibility is:


Hardware reqs its also depends on what OS/db flavors you currently have/in future going to be 8.2 installation would be:


incase you want to move only the packages from 712 to 822, then it is a straight forward by exporting and then importing the packages in 822. This is supported by SAG.

Incase you want to move even the data, runtime etc, then you will have to migrate the 712 to 713 first and then 822.

My experience was very good with below steps

  1. Over install - 712 to 713
  2. side by side install for 713 to 822.

I don’t think we really need to 713 first and then to 822 migration:

What reason makes you to over install 713 first based on the documentation?..Did you face any issues while 712 --> 822 migration for IS packages or TN db or MWS?


when migrating packages (using migrate.sh), incase the source is been selected as 712, then it do not work.

Also had confirmation from SAG that 712 to 822 is not even supported (incase you want to migrate data/runtime also)


But Over install - 712 to 713

What steps you did this for step over install IS/MWS 713 on top of 712 install dir thats it?

We did only for IS and not for MWS.

For IS, we simply upgraded the integration server’s service pack… did not installed any fixes after that not started the integartionm server after upgrade…

“after that not started the integration server after upgrade…”

What is this means?..you mean continued with IS822 after 713 install over and migration of data/runtime?

Yes, since we did not installed mandatory fixes for 713, incase we start the IS, we could face unwanted results… so after 712 to 713 over install, we did 713 to 822 side by side migration.

make sense:

So after migrating to 822 is every thing working fine?..pls share your experiences/inputs: