Update web Service

Hi All,

If a webservice has already been setup in Integration server, and extra methods have been added to the web service. Is there a way to update this is in IS without re-reunning the web service wizard?


If by “webservice” you mean a web services connector-generated Flow service that consumes a web service provided by an external party, then the answer is “no”.

The web services connector generates its Flow based on a specific WSDL file at a given point in time. That Flow is static in the same way that java or C# code generated from that WSDL would be static.

If the WSDL changes, you would need to regenerate the code in whatever language you are using to invoke it (C#, java or Flow).

That said, you could generate a new web services connector in a different folder and then copy the newly added doc types and Flow services that invoke that new operation into the original set of folders. In that manner you could keep everything in one place.