Update nonXML documents


i am very new in Tamino thus i am sorry if my formulation isn’t quait good. So i have an application that uploads nonXML document in a tamino database. The problem is that the extension of the files to upload was bad determined(for an word doc the extension was the first thing found after"." and i have files ana.maria.doc with extension maria.doc) and the type of file inserted in tamino was nothing. now i want somehow to update that typefile in tamino. is this possible?or how can i get to the files that i uploaded? thank you very much

You should have specified which collection to store the non-XML documents to when storing the documents (you may have used the test collection ino:etc/ino:nonXML).

If you didn’t specify a document name then they would have had automatically assigned names of the form “@1”, “@2” …

This means that you can access the documents with a URL something like the following:


these won’t appear correctly in a browser if the content type was incorrect when storing.

You could try loading a test picture file (i.e. a gif or jpeg) using the Tamino Interactive Interface (into ino:etc/ino:nonXML) and then using a URL like the one above to retrieve it.