Up to 99 extents

Hello for Everyone,
Some day ago I read into the ADABAS V811 Release Notes about the limit of the ASSO and DATA extents which was increased to 99. So, that documents says that it depends of the device used, for example 3390. I would like to know if someone have a table on which I could see how many extents I must define depending on the device used.
Thanks in advanced


Hi Osman,

The information you are looking for can be found here:


You may need to apply the formulas given to your environment.

Also, it specifies “For example, on a standard 3390 device type, there could be more than 75 Associator, Data Storage, and DSST extents each (or there could be more of one extent type if there are less for another).”

I am assuming you are talking about physical extents, but if you are talking about logical extents, that information is also available in the link.

Please also reference this link for block size information as it may be relevant to your question:


I have not seen a combined table, however.