Unsopported type error

I have a JDBC Data Adaptor that does a simple select all query from a SQL database. This tests and runs fine. It has a _WSD counterpart which Validates with no issues. Both are on IS, and the service runs fine when tested from within IS in Package Management. I can also run the web service from SoapUI and get proper results.

I then created a simple Generic portlet, dropped the _WSD into that, supplied the $dbUser, $dbPassword, and _x0024_connection Name. It is on MWS in the Deploy folders, and comes up fine via SysAdmin, System folder, Portlets, this portlet. When I run it I get back: “Unsupported type http://localhost/Queries/ListTaskTypes __ListTaskTypesOutput” and no results from the query. I do not get an IS error, just this message in the MWS portlet screen. To clarify: ListTaskTypes is the name of the Adaptor service, and I assume _ListTaskTypesOutput is the Response aspect of that service. It returns 2 data columns, both strings: a code, and a description. An example record is: “NetworkUpd” as a code, and “Network: Replacements, Firewall, etc” is the description.

We have webMethods v9.0 SP1 suite.

I would appreciate any help in determining the problem; I haven’t been able to make anything of it.


ListTaskTypesOutput suppose to be an array. Please check the portlet what type of element is created for ListTaskTypesOutput while ‘drag-drop’ of WSD.


The data type for output is set as a Document, and doesn’t seem to be editable. But I found the problem.

The error showed: “Unsupported type http://localhost/Queries/ListTaskTypes __ListTaskTypesOutput” but the java code at the ExtensionMapper had the fully qualified name of the server instead of localhost; it did not include the “/ListTaskTypes” part of the URI; and the typeName string used for comparison did not contain the two leading underscores, (I have no idea where they came from). Correcting those, I no longer get the error above. Unfortunately, now I get a stack overflow, so there must be other places where the URI or typeName are also wrong and it’s gone into a loop or something. The search continues…

I’m new to webMethods, and wondering if there’s a way to put a trace on the program so I can see what it’s actually doing. Or breakpoints? How does one debug these things? When I set the server in debug mode it doesn’t seem to change anything that I can see.


I found the error log… never mind that question. Thanks,