Unknown Hostname exception while connecting to another IS

I am trying to connect to another IS using the Java service

code -

  1. creating a context
  2. trying to connect to another IS by giving the servername:port, username, password using the context created
    3.invoking a service using context.invoke
    4.disconnecting context

It is working only on the IS where the java service is present. while connecting to all other ISs it is throwing unknown hostname execption. I have tried by giving the IP and full hostname but no luck.

Please let me know if there is anything that needs to be checked.


unknown hostname means it can’t reach it. check if you have firewall blocking the IP/port. Do a telnet test first.

Just checked the telnet option and I am able to connect from the source to target server without any issues.


Can you explain your requirement and why are you trying to connect to another IS (any reasons)?

We have too many schedulers set up in our environment and it is very difficult to manage(create, delete, suspend etc) them by logging into each instance and doing the job.

For this I have a DSP page which takes inputs like

  1. the action that needs to be performed
    2.what all servers that need to be touched to perform this action

so when i try to create a schedule across all instances present, I am able to create it on only the instance where this page is hosted. It is throwing unknown hostname exception while connecting to other ISs.

You can write a java service just like WmPublic/pub.remote:invoke This service has only inputs $alias, $service

Also explore WmPublic/pub.remote.gd

But your java service should do the below:

1> Create remote server alias of all the IS on one IS
2> Write a java service with
input - $alias, $service, inputs
output - results
3> And call the services in WmPublic/pub.scheduler based on their inputs.
4> I guess for each scheduler on IS the taskID is unique. Try to make use of it…

Let me know if you have a better/optimized solution :slight_smile: