Universal name of a WebService

What does the univeral name of a service (Namespace name and local name) acutally do in a WebService environment? When using Fabric to manage services the name, that the service is registered with, is not the universal name. When searching for services (e.g. via UDDI) I still have to use the original name.


For Integration Server SOAP-Message web services, you generate the WSDL file from the SOAP processor service. The outside world sees you SOAP processor as the web service.

The SOAP processor grabs the QNAME (namespace+localname) of the first element in your request document, and goes looking for an Integration Server service with a universal name that matches it.

The SOAP processor then invokes that service with the request document as the input.

You are right. When I generate a SOAP request from the generated WSDL the universal name of the service is used. Nice.

But this does not help when using an external UDDI registry (e.g. Fabric). In the Fabric the service is registered using the full qualified webMethods name. When issuing an UDDI request (e.g. find_service) you still need to know the webMethods name and can not use the universal name.

I am not an expert on Servicenet,

But if the caller is acting like any other external Web Service client, for example a .Net application, the Service it is calling is actually the registered SOAP processor, not the target Integration Server service with the universal name.


iam working on cXML where my client is using punchoutrequest service and i need to give the URL using on hookURL values . but while runing this application iam not getting access to there cookies I.e iam getting browertype and hookUrl values as empty i dont know why this happening , ifanybody have worked on these services please let me know the answer .


what has your question to do with the topic of this thread? If you find an existing thread related to your question or open a new one in the appropriate forum you will have a better chance of getting help.