Universal messaging subscription

I’m new to webMethods UM concept. I have a below requirement.

There is a Publihsher/Sender who publish a document to UM. And there are 60 instances (10 servers * 6 instances) running.
I want all the triggers in these instances to subscribe that document and activate it’s handler service to process (reload cache) it in each instance.

Can someone help me to solve this.

Thank you.


So what you are asking is to deploy code containing the document definition, the triggers and the handlers to those instances and activate them simultaneously?

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Hi Narasimha,

You need to explore more on this requirement before starting to implement it.

  • How these IS (10*6) instances are connected with UM.?
  • Are these IS and UM in clustered mode?
  • How UM is connected with IS as a messaging server or JMS connection?
  • Are these connected with the same or separate UM?

Once you have answers of this you can achieve it as a simple publish/subscribe model.

Kuldeep Gupta

Based on your performance requirements the solution can be developed with different combinations by having clustered UM’s and clustered Integration Servers.

Refer to the UM documentation for knowing about clustering. That should give more insight to you for developing the solution.

IS & UM are in cluster mode.
UM connected with IS as a messaging server.
Connected with UM cluster.

Then It seems to be a very simple publish/subscribe model.
Please refer service development guide "Working with webMethods Messaging Triggers" concept.
Develop pub/sub part in DEV environment and migrate them to all required instances.
In summarise steps you need to follow:

  1. create a document as required; make it publishable.
  2. create a trigger to subscribe to the above created publishable document.
  3. create a service which will utilize that document; do map accordingly and publish it using services available under WmPublic->publish folder.
  4. create another service that will be invoked by subscriber trigger on message routing condition.

Kuldeep Gupta

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Thanks Kuldeep.

If you wanted, subscription service to be executed in all instances, then I guess you need to publish 1 document for 1 instance and you need to have a trigger filter condition to accept only the document related to that instance.