I have a JCL but wants to know exactly.I wrote my comments (in blue). is it correct?

//DDASSOR1 DD DSN=ADABASDB.ADA007.ASSO,DISP=(MOD ,CATLG), — dataset name for ADABASDB.ADA007 for associator

// UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(CYL,(0,833)), — allocate 0 primary cylinders and 833 secondary cylinders
// VOL=SER=(ADA102,ADA104)

Thank You

The allocation is right, but your volser list should include the old and new volumes.

You should run the whole JCL by people in your shop… there’s only so much we can validate being outside your shop and not knowing certain standards and naming conventions.

Also, if your volumes you are adding are 3390-3’s, you should be adding 3338 cylinders. Full pack allocations are easier for storage management.

Additionally … make sure this additional space is enough to allow your RESTORE FILES
to allocate the required RABN ranges, otherwise you’ll have to go back and add even
more space.