Uninstalling Broker and Broker Monitor 7.1


i installed Broker server and Broker monitor 7.1 recently but i am unable to start the Broker monitor i am facing the following error while starting the monitor from services.

Could not start the webmethods broker server 7.1 (6849) service on the local computer.
Error 1075: the dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.

please tell me how can i uninstall the broker server and monitor so that i can try for new installation

i also tried reinstalling it both in default port(6850 and 6849) and new port(7850 and 7849) but still unsuccessfull

please help

thanks in advance,

Could you elaborate on what error you are getting? From your post I understand that the installation has been done on a Windows machine. In order to uninstall you should used the “Add Remove Programs” under the control panel. It should start the webMethods uninstaller where you can select what all you need to uninstall.

when i tried installing the broker server and monitor it installed only the server and didnt install the monitor bcoz of which i was receiving the above error.

i didnt understand why it installed only the server in 2 diff ports (6850 and 7850) both the times and didnt install the monitor at all.

but temporarily the problem is solved by installing the broker server and monitor in a different location on a different port

i didnt know the way of uninstalling the broker so was trying only re installations…

thanks for your reply on how to uninstall it.

i need to try the default port installation of the broker in future as i need to uninstall it first…