Unexpected XML response - what is this?

Hello group. I am in urgent need of assistance.

I am using pub.xml:documentToXMLString to convert a document to a XML string. From what I see, I am using it properly.

I have a person who is sending a XML request document to our server over HTTP and this runs a service which is supposed to send them back a valid xml response.

Even though when I run the code in Developer, I see a valid xmlstring looking normal and valid, the person running the request continues to get back a format that looks like this (just a snippet):

<?xml version="1.0"?> <GPDID_Number>0000100094</GPDID_Number> 0000100 BK ENTERP 3869 NIKES ROAD S.E. WAR OH

What is the above? Is it pipeline data? If so, why? Values version = 2.0??? I mean I see the field names and proper values, but don’t understand why they are getting this as a response when I’m looking right at the xmlstring (when I invoke the service) and do not see things such as &lt,; &gt.; The response also includes (not shown above) other things such as errorProps information and the contents of the xml request itself. I see in the results section this:

0000100094 0000100 BK ENTERP 3869 NIKES ROAD S.E. WAR OH 44584 20030801 20030831 MAY07-ROS 81.30 0000620876

The above is what I get when I save the xml request to a file, then run the service utilizing Test / Send XML file.

Why would the person get a response back differently than what I see in Results and again, why is it enveloped under “Values”? Please help clear this up for me. It’s an urgent issue.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Information not displaying xml correctly, looks like it’s due to the browser or something.