Unexpected user lock out

it’s Luca from DAC System.

In the device managment application under device status you can disable/enable the owner of a device.


I disabled the owner of my device which was my account. Unexpectedly I locked me out from the entire Cockpit application.

I didn’t expect that button to disable my account. I was expecting to disable the ownership of my user on that device only. In other words, with this toggle I’m able to disable an account from the device management application (and not from administration application which is where I would look for a feature like this)

Any comments?


That is what it does, although the only hint that this is the case is that hovering over the toggle shows ‘Enable/disable owner’.

A case here for better documentation.

Actually it is not a good practice to use your own “admin” user to create new devices. For development and testing purpose this is fine but in production the device should always have either a technical user with limited access (device role) or a device user e.g. created by the bootstrapping process.

From a DM perspective this works like intended as written above. As a Device Manager you should be able to enable/disable device users from the DM Application.
What could be improved is that you get a warning if a user with admin privileges is assigned as owner and you want to disable it.

You can create an idea/feature request for that if you want: Tell us your Idea