Unexpected behavior of process model after resubmitting a st

I encountered a problem with re-executing a step in the business process model.
I have 3 steps in a business process model and each step subscribes to a different document type. The steps do nothing inside them, except the Step2 that may fail depending on the content of the document it subscribes to.
When the step2 fails due to bad content of the received document, I use the Monitor to edit the pipeline for that step and resubmit that pipeline (re-execution of the failed step).

The problem is that after re-executing the step2 the instance of the process is terminated with the status “completed” though after the step2 the step3 should be executed.
The transition to step3 is performed (an hour glass icon is shown for step3) but when I publish the document that step3 subscribes to I get the following error:

*** Error trying to step N3 (pid 60ef81df72a3393bf4c72a7688:3): [PRT.0101.9274] PID 60ef81df72a3393bf4c72a7688:3: Cannot execute step N3 because the process was terminated already

The problem is not 100% reproducible, because sometimes it works fine, that is after re-executing step2 the process is still active and step3 wait for relevant publication.

Have any one encountered the similar problem or have some tips on how to resolve it?