Understanding of JSP and webMethods

Hi All,
We have to access the web methods services by means of JSP. The first page is authentication of username and password (like any ecommerce site). Each user is having different roles like manager, teller, sales…Etc.Based upon roles we have to show different screen data to JSP pages.
Now my concern is.
1). When we invoke any IS Services we required web Methods authentication. So that means we have to do two times authentication. One for webMethods user/password and another for username and password entered by JSP pages.
2) Since we have to invoke many IS Service based on request/response of JSP. So for every Invoking IS Service we request Authentication of services?.
Please help me to understand how we can do this scenario. and what is best way to solve this type of problem.
if any one have sample code for this problem then it will help us.

I suggest you embed your “e-commerce” authentication inside the IS services. For example, after webMethods authentication is done, you route a user to a custom login page. There capture the credentials and pass them to IS service for validation. Based on the result you can save “e-commerce” parameters in JSP session or cookies…

If you get webm authentication for each invoke then the execute ACLs are different for each service. Pls check this.


what is webMethods

what is webMethods

Wouldn’t you still have to authenticate with IS for each and every call to the service(s)? It’s a stateless architecture and if the service requires authentication, it will require that for every call.

If all of your services in IS are only used by the e-commerce application, then you can simplify authentication by creating one access level for the services. Let your e-commerce application determine which role gets access to each service. Then you can authenticate with the “private” credentials and call the services as needed.

Or, you can allow anonymous access to your services if you are concerned about the overhead of authentication. That is risky though for obvious reasons.

I hope that helps.


I think you can use the webMethods ACL’s to authenticate the users. Create different ACL groups and assign user to those ACL.

At back end retrieve list of users in particular ACL and based on the user access level display the information or say jsp pages.

Hi Reema,

Could u please send the above requirement, even I’m also implementing the same in my proj… if you have any sample code please forward the same.



If you have any sample code for this… Please forward the same…