unable to utilize classes of a jar file from a jsp page

hi All,

I have a jsp page which uses classes present in 1 jar file.

I put this jsp page in a folder in MWS server relative to the front end url.

From with in my application, I am able to open this jsp page. However, this jsp page is not able to utilize the classes present in jar file (giving javascript error - indicating not able to identify the class definition).

This is probably because the jar file is not located in the correct lib folder.

I copied this jar file in MWS/lib folder and MWS/server/default/lib - but no luck.

I even put this jar file in MWS classpath (by placing jar file in MWS/updates folder and running mws.sh update command) but no result.

Could you please suggest the right location to put this jar file, so that it can be accessible by a jsp page which is placed at a relative path to front end url?

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali

When you add a jar file to the updates directory and run mws.sh update, that jar should be added to MWS’s ‘Global’ class path. You can double check this by running mws in debug mode and checking the log output: run.sh -d.

Maybe you can try to instantiate the class in the jar through some javacode to diagnose whether the class can be loaded as well?