Unable to up the IS6.1

Hi All,

Iam new to webmethods , i installed wM6.1 on my local system and started the server .Once Server intialization is completed i tried to browse the localhost:5555 for Administrator but iam getting the following error “Access Denied. Services necessary to show the Integration Server Administrator are currently unavailable on this port. This is most likely due to port security restrictions. If this is the only port available to access the Integration Server, contact webMethods Support.” Can any body for the resolution .

I used command prompt to up the server i got the last message like “Listener HTTPListener@5555 was denied access to service wm.server.ui:mainMenu”

Thanks in advance

Please make sure if 5555 port is being used by any other application on your system like command netstat 5555.

Other option would be change the settings in IS/config/server.cnf file and restartIS.

Start the server using the command “server.bat -log none -debug 4 -port nnnn” where nnnn is a port number other than 5555.

If you can login successfully, review the port settings for 5555 to ensure there are no restrictions specified in the “Access Mode” or “IP Access” settings and that the package associated with the port is “WmRoot”.

Are you installing from an installer image or did you copy the Integration Server folders from another installation?


Please try to see the Admini like this :http://localhost:5555/WmRoot

Thanks in advance