Unable to Start Integration Server.

Friends & Experts,

Im not able to start my integration server.

2010-09-28 08:04:50 PDT [ISS.0025.0001C] Integration Server Build 124
2010-09-28 08:04:50 PDT [ISS.0025.0006I] License Manager started
2010-09-28 08:04:50 PDT [ISS.0025.0041I] FIPS mode not initialized
2010-09-28 08:04:56 PDT [ISS.0025.0050W] The Unlimited Policy File was not found. Please install it.
2010-09-28 08:05:02 PDT [BAS.0123.0001I] FSData full consistency check is being performed. Db:WmRepository4/RepoV4
2010-09-28 08:05:06 PDT [ISS.0025.0017I] Repository Manager started
2010-09-28 08:05:10 PDT [ISS.0025.0024I] JDBC Connection Manager started
2010-09-28 08:05:14 PDT [ISS.0025.0023I] Audit Log Manager started
2010-09-28 08:05:17 PDT [ISS.0025.0021I] ACL Manager started
2010-09-28 08:05:17 PDT [ISS.0014.0054C] Error occurred while initializing server: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/webmethods/sc/directory/DirectoryException at com.wm.app.b2b.server.ACLManager.init(ACLManager.java:141) at com.wm.app.b2b.server.Server.run(Server.java:393)

I know this has nothing to do with config files but i still stored them from backup and I am still seeing this.

Your help and assistance would be monumentally appreciated
Please help!

I don’t think the problem is with the config files. It seems that IS is not able find the jar files in the classpath

have you removed any jar files or change anything in server.bat to edit the class path ?

thanks for the response !

I do’nt think anything was removed or any changes were made( not that I am aware of).
What do you think its pointing to?
what jar file?
any ideas?

Applied any patches??


Check above link… hope it may help…


Thanks for putting me in the right path.
Yes we did apply patches and yes the jar file was the culprit.

Thank you so much for your help !

-Scooby !

The error we were getting was related to Integration server initialization process where it looks for vendor specific jar file in the class path. However we don’t know when this jar file is introduced with which fix., com/webmethods/sc/directory/DirectoryException.

We identified the jar file and copied it over to class path directory, IntegrationServer/lib/jars.

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